The process of manufacturing starts with the choice of wood. We use our 15-year pine expertise when we buy wood from the authorized dealers. We always know where the wood came from. We check the humidity, quality, and chemical analysis before we buy. For the most of the time, we buy our pine from one-two dealers who we personally know and trust.

Everest-VIP uses a special method of aging wood to make the furniture look really aged. During the furniture lifetime, it is exposed to the moisture, the sun, the temperature drops. This is what our workers are able to create using a special wood treatment. The artificial wood aging process is more creative than technological, and we have great experience in this sphere. Our experience with aging gives us the ability to create unique and peerless in its beauty furniture that will express your personality and excellent taste.

The distinguishing feature in the production of home furniture is the use of only environment friendly materials.

In the manufacture of products we use tenon (dowel) joints and glued boards. We use special equipment to create tenon (dowel) joints. The formation of the joints is labor-intensive process which requires relatively skilled workers who can provide the necessary precision in the manufacturing of the mortise and the tenon. The tenon and mortise are always glued. The tenon (dowel) joints are very strong and attractive.The tenon jointed parts are handled together in accordance with the drawings and approved technological process observing the tolerances and the fittings on the joints.

When gluing, we use glues such as PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) glue KLEIBERIT D3 (Germany), PUR (Polyurethane) glue KLEIBERIT 507 (Germany), and two-component adhesive EPI (Emulsion-Polymer Isocyanate) KIILTO (Sweden).

KLEIBERIT LLC is the official distributor of the company KLEBCHEMIE (Weingarten Baden, Germany) in Belarus. The company is famous for its high quality adhesives of brand KLEIBERIT. Wherever there is a gluing in our products, you can find adhesives of trademark KLEIBERIT. Also we pay attention to environmental friendliness of products.
We finish all products with LAZURIT varnish (Croatia). This is thick wax based varnish designed for decoration, and long-term and reliable protection of all species of hard and soft wood. LAZURIT varnish permanently retains the original look of any wooden products (windows, doors, balcony railings, mansards, wall and ceilings paneling, and garden furniture). Due to the presence of UV filters, LAZURIT varnish protects the furniture from color-fade. Moreover, the varnish ennobles the surface and emphasizes textural pattern which gives the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties. At the same time, thanks to a part of the wax mixture, it allows the wood to «breathe.» The surface treated with LAZURIT acquires stability and silky-gloss shine.
For some products we use the elements of forging. We cover all metal parts with powder coating.

The most common method of applying the powder coating is electrostatic spraying which is the application of electrostatically charged powder onto a grounded product using a pneumatic spray.

The benefits of powder coating:
• Excellent physical, chemical and decorative properties of coatings including a rich palette of possible colors which cannot be achieved by other means of painting
• Good performance properties of the coatings
• Durability of products powder coated
• Possibility to do coating into a single layer due to the 100% dry matter content which indicates the efficiency of powder coating
• Low porosity
• Improved impact and corrosion resistance if compared with other paints
• No need to control the viscosity, as powder coatings are delivered directly to consumers in ready for use form
• Paint loss on powder coating constitutes 1-4%, and using liquid paints is 40%
• Hardening time: 30 minutes
• No need for large spaces for storage of powder coatings
• Minimum damage to painted parts during transportation, and reduced cost on packaging
• Environmentally friendly painting process

In the view of all the above advantages, most manufacturers now give their preference to powder coating.

In the manufacturing of our products we use Amig fittings. Amig is Spanish manufacturer of a wide range of hardware and fittings for doors, windows, interlocking products, and other structures. The company belongs to one of the oldest manufacturers founded in 1940. It is characterized as one of the leading companies in Spain in the production of fitting products.

Notice to our customers:
At the request of the customer, for the furniture used outdoors we have the ability to cover it with LAZURIT outdoor varnish.

Recommendations for use and maintenance:
For long term use and storage, the furniture should be protected from humidity, low temperatures, and sharp temperature fluctuations.
Do not place the furniture near the source of heat. Avoid direct sunlight on the surface of the furniture which can lead to warping and discoloration of the furniture.